Saying ‘thank you’ is not merely a code of social etiquette with me. I consider it an essential component of human nature, a marker of civility and culture.

Every time we remember to say ‘thank you’, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.

Animals don’t say ‘thank you’, but express their gratitude in non-verbal ways.

I make it a point to say ‘thank you’ to the grocery store staff, the taxi driver, bank teller, to every human being who does help in some way or the other for me.

I strongly believe that we must express our gratefulness and…

Mass crematoriums and graves, long waiting lines outside hospitals, people dying in hordes from lack of oxygen and medication. The situation in India is out of control.

Hospital workers are working overtime risking their own lives for others. And if they fall victim to the Covid virus themselves, they are not guaranteed a bed. There just aren’t any available.

The images and videos do not lie. Tweets from family members begging for help online are not fake news. These are real human beings dealing with the most horrifying conditions. …

How not to Despair about Despair

One of the things that makes hope so difficult is the pressure it entails. The pressure to be positive, to be hopeful, to see the best in everything.

The whole positivity movement that has dominated our self-help literature and understanding in the past few decades has undoubtedly been transformational. But it also has some downsides — the biggest one being the premium it puts on the idea of positivity at the expense of the frustrating, day-to-day struggle to be human.

Being positive is great. But to expect people to be positive all the time…


Almost all relations are built on ‘Promises’.

Promise to be there; Promise to be the soft place to land if the other falls; Promise to love unconditionally; Promise to love till Eternity!

But there is this thing about Promises; they aren’t always fulfilled.

People lie. People change. Circumstances don’t remain the same.

There is no such thing as ‘Unconditional Love’. Everything comes with a price tag. We just don’t know what it is before we reach a certain point.

No one does anything for anyone just because they are too nice or because they feel like. …

Some very middle class things..

Having been brought up in an Indian middle class household , I’m sure many of you out there reading this post can relate to this exceptionally well. We Indians are very desi and frugal in whatever we do.Indeed, we all know this: “India is a poor country, but Indians are not poor..”

“Jugaad” is something which is in every Indian’s blood and there’s no denying that. We make use of everything that’s given to us and we are the happy lot when it’s offered free of cost..

These are some of the situations that I…

It’s okay to not feel okay during this quarantine period.Our lives have all wreaked havoc and our external “normal” has been stripped away. While this is uncomfortable and challenging, the opportunity here isn’t to get back to “normal” but to shift from within to a new normal. Let’s face it, our “normal” lives, while we were used to them and their familiarity, didn’t always work and left certain essential aspects of ourselves out in the cold. …

Social Media… a boon..? an evil?..

My thoughts..

Social media was meant to be a way to connect us to one another. A way to reignite past relationships, reach out across time zones and continents and bridge the gap that time and distance may have created between families and friends. To begin with, it was hugely exciting. Who didn’t want to know what happened to one’s third grade crush? Or, have the ability to be able to call one’s dad for free at anytime, from anywhere? …

ajoy krishna

A sports freak.. Love to write about anything that my heart says..

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