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2 min readJul 20, 2020



Almost all relations are built on ‘Promises’.

Promise to be there; Promise to be the soft place to land if the other falls; Promise to love unconditionally; Promise to love till Eternity!

But there is this thing about Promises; they aren’t always fulfilled.

People lie. People change. Circumstances don’t remain the same.

There is no such thing as ‘Unconditional Love’. Everything comes with a price tag. We just don’t know what it is before we reach a certain point.

No one does anything for anyone just because they are too nice or because they feel like. There always is a hidden agenda.

Promises sound good. They are the building blocks to the best, as well as the worst relations.

As long as Promises are kept and Expectations are met, every relation is Beautiful and Dreamy. As soon as one block falls apart, one Promise forgotten, one Expectation not met, it all falls like a house of cards.

So, if you want to love me, ‘Love me for me’. No Promises. No Expectations. Nothing!

Just be in the moment and love the person the way they are, for as long as you can.

Don’t go around making Promises you can’t keep.

Hear it and understand it when I say, there is nothing else that will haunt you more than a Promise you made to someone without thinking it through.

Don’t say anything. Don’t Promise anything. Just do! Just be! Just love the person because you want to. Let them love you if they want to.

Don’t keep loving someone just to keep that Promise.

Trying to keep a Promise while not wanting to do so, makes you caustic. And gradually, everything will start falling apart.

P.S. Promises lead to damages. Damages beyond repair!



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